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Boat Rentals

Rent a boat and have your own sailing adventure in the San Jauns! We have 3 different boats available for bare boat rental.  We ask that you have an intermediate level of sailing expereince for boat rental.  We have a the follow boats: Rhodes 19, Santana 22, and a Catalina 27. Normal full-day rental times are 8:00 to 4:30. Half-days are mornings from 8:00 to 12:00, and afternoons from 12:30-4:30. Please note: The boats are outfitted for day-sailing, and do not come equipped with electronics or plumbing.
Prices vary per boat.

The Rhodes 19 has been a favorite since 1959!


"Jazz" is a classic racer/daysailer designed by Philip Rhodes. Fifty years and 3500 boats have proven her design, construction, and sailing character to beginning and experienced sailors alike.  The fin bulb keel and a transom hung rudder make her lively and responsive.  Light and lively yet easy to control, few people can sail this ideal family daysailer without grinning! This timeless favorite is our primary rental boat. Our R-19 will surely win your heart!  She is equipped with a small 4 stroke outboard motor.

Half Day         ...300+tax

Whole Day     ...450+tax

"Thunderbird" is a handsome sloop with nicely proportioned lines. The Gary Mull design has a low-profile cabintrunk with two large portlights per side. She  has a spade rudder and cockpit tiller. Below the waterline, the Santana 22 has a sweptback fin keel that accounts for 1,230 pounds of ballast, creating a ballast-to-displacement ratio of almost 50 percent. A forgiving boat good for beginners and experienced racers alike.

She is equipped with a small 4 stroke outboard motor.

Half Day          ...320+tax

Whole Day      ...480+tax

Santana 22

Rhodes 19 

With a production run of more than 20 years and over 6,600 boats produced, the Catalina 27 surely ranks as the most popular cruising sailboat built to date. "Sobre Las Olas" is 46 years old this year, and in great condition for her age. As a day sailer, we keep the boat light and uncluttered. There are no electronics and no head aboard. The outboard auxiliary is small for her size. She has a tiller helm and the headsails are hanked on for the sailing purist. She is made for sailing and our most popular boat.  

Half Day               ...400+tax

Whole Day           ...600+tax

Catalina 27

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